Wednesday, February 09, 2005

This is cool

I liked the pics from Sundays party. Too many hotties!!!


  1. I had a really good time. If only weekend was like that!

  2. Man, every weekend CAN be like that. All we did was get together as a group, spend 5 dollars a head each, and we had a blast for about 8 hours. You can't beat it for the money! I'd love to do that EVERY weekend, like we used to.

  3. The superbowl party was a lot of fun, and we should totally do it again. Was it really 8 hours???


  4. Wait...there was a party sunday...was I there?????
    Just playing I wasnt THAT drunk...actually I wasn't drunk at all, just full....and I like it noted that I think april is the best hostess ever :-) Love ya!


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