Sunday, February 20, 2005


so, me, little bit, and blackjack are sitting here, having a recap of the weekend. I thought this conversation would be interesting to share. (agent m gets up and walks to the computer) Blackjack- "anything interesting on the blog?" Agent M- "no, not since i posted yesterday, no one has been on" Little Bit-"well...i haven't posted cause marcus has been too busy." "giggle giggle" Take that how you Last night was a fun night at emerald city. we started off at OC watching ed and justin. then, i (being the princess that i am) decided we were going to Emerald city so i could see chris and meet 2 of his sisters. Blackjack and Little bit left about 12'ish and me and jessica stayed and danced our asses off. well...thats about it. hope everyone had a great weekend...

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