Sunday, February 20, 2005

now, the weekend is over

even though it ended a little early for Lil'Bit, Gandaf, Ping-Bot, and I headed to OC for a little pool action. (i actually won a game, only because ping-bot scratched on the 8ball. Good times, especially when the fat girls and backdstreet boy wanna be walked in with body guard wanna be. it was hard to try and figure out which fat girl belonged with who, but in the end, it seemed that back street wanna be went home alone. (maybe i was more into figuring it out than anyone else...prolly cause i'm so nosey). I know that was completely irrelevent to tell, but hey, what the hell. we all know i like to talk, so in turn, i like to type...long drawn out stories. maybe it's because i'm sooo overdramatic. speaking of drama...there was actually none this weekend. go figure? a weekend without scooby drama. oh, except for lil'bit and the mom thing, but, it will get better. so, i said i wasnt into nascar, but i did pick a driver. i'm going to pull for dale jarrett this season. this is my reasoning...he drives the UPS car, and we all know "what can Brown do for you?" is my motto, being my other nickname is Brown. for those of you that dont know why, check out the boating 2004 pics on the site. (tommy, please take the one of me fallen on the dock off). the pictures tell all, especially the one with the UPS logo on my boob. thanks to tommy, i'll prolly go to jail for copyright infringement. anyways, i'm off to bed, gotta hit the gym early. but, i will be home before 10, and i'm off work with thanks to past presidents. so, i will be around to blog all afternoon, so DONT LEAVE ME HANGING YA'LL!!! have a good night. oh, natalie, i forgot to get your # from tommy tonight. i really wanted to call you sat night to see if ya'll wanted to come to emerald city, but as usual, tommy didnt answer his phone when i called to get your #. we'll make up for it this weekend!

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  1. Agent M, I know you I told tommy I would just be mad at him ;-) I mean isnt everything Ashes fault? (we renamed him Ash rather than Dash, since he smokes so much :-))


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