Friday, February 25, 2005

nothing for me tonight

looks like i'm the first one to back out of tonights plans...i've got to work all day tomorrow. i have to go into the bank from 9-12 to practice on our new computer system since conversion is 2 weeks away. then, i volunteered to work at the convention center for the homebuilders expo from 1-5. it will be ok...i can use this time to get some referrals. there's a campaign going on at work and for every referral that opens an account, i get $5. hey, anything extra helps. i had my interview today. it went well, but it will be a few weeks before i hear anything. i'm just really afraid that with all the changes going on here at the branch, with the new branch opening, and the promotion i just got, it will hinder me from getting this HR position. but, both people i interviewed with today know that my supervisors fully support me and back me 100%. so, just gotta hope and pray about it now and hopefully get some good news in the next few weeks. anyways, i hope everyone has fun tonight. if for some odd reason, you happen to see my man at emerald city, i want a phone i'm gonna go make some dinner and retire with a glass of wine and a movie...NAPOLEON DYNOMITE!!!!! until tomorrow...

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  1. I'm sorry you can't make it out tonight, but enjoy the solitude and peace and quiet! :) If you do something tomorrow, come see me at the bar, I'll be working all night! Thanks for the uplift, I really needed it, I wish you the best with your too!


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