Monday, February 21, 2005

Monday Is Almost Over

Hey yall...I am off work and glad. Today has been crazy. I love my kids to death but they have been bad today. Andrew is getting in the terrible two's stage and he has started hitting all of us. Today he hit Allison in the face over and over again. Allison has tried to get Andrew in trouble all day telling me everything that he has done wrong. I almost lost it a few times...but I stayed calm and did a lot of deep breathing. I went to get a new tire on my truck today and I also got my oil changed. It has been a busy day. Thanks to Marisa and Marcus for calming me down around 5:00 today. I don't know what I would do without my Scoobies. So Marisa Congrats on your win last night against Todd. Ok I know I just keep on blabbing...Sorry, I just want to have an adult conversation since I have been talking to toddlers all day. I think I am gonna go now. I am gonna soak in a hot bath may be that will help me relax. So how was everyone else's day?


  1. tim, not todd...i dont think i could play pool w/ todd...he'd just hit me with the pool stick...(i'm kidding todd!!!)

  2. Do you actually have enough body mass to reap the benefits of a hot bath? Isn't it pretty much like boiling the chicken off the bone?


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