Friday, February 11, 2005

i need to vent

i'm over the couple bullshit. this couple crap makes me sick. i'm boycotting scooby couples. as for myself, i had 2 different things lined up tonight, just in case 1 fell through. well, get this shit...they both bailed on me. so Dash, you can take me off the list of what everyone has planned for tonight. my best friend is out with my ex (yes, i am bitter, i'll admit it...even though everyone says i dont have a right to be), but i did really appreciate the flowers. Little Bit, you still are the best, even though i just dont understand what is going on. well...after just a few phone calls, looks like Agent M might be up to something after all...but, of course, it's no good...muahahaha


  1. What did I do to you? You know I don't have plans.. I'm sitting right here with Todd playing computer games. You know danged well you're welcome to come over here and see us. We'd love to have you and DIDN'T bail on you.

  2. you didnt do anything to me. i'm upset about the marion/marcus thing tonight. i knew if i came over, you would tell me i shouldnt feel the way i do, which i know i shouldn't. plus, i didnt want to see them together. i made my point clear on sunday. i cant help how i feel, but everyone tells me i not justified. i love her to death, but did she ever ask me how i felt? i coult type a long list of words, but it doesnt matter. the scooby's arent the same anymore, and i feel like i've lost my family.


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