Thursday, February 17, 2005

happy thursday

hi everyone...just wanted so say good morning and hello...i havent made a post in awhile. question though (AND SOMEONE PLEASE ANSWER, ANYONE)...who is scythe and blackjack? these code names confuse the hell out of me...i only know my scooby names. well...i need to go get ready for work, i have a really busy day today. i love the new job i'm training for. the girl i train with is out today, and i have a ton to do. ok, so weekend plans anyone? Oncue saturday most likely? i even heard Backseat Romeo mentioned on the Oncue radio commercial. so, what about friday?? come on guys, it's only a day away! have a great day everyone!!


  1. I know that scythe is tim...not sure about black jack...Yah, I am not sure about fri either..anyone?

  2. LOL.. undercover agents for the FBI... And they voted for George McGovern for president!

    (5 bucks to whomever can name THAT song quote)

    Scythe is Tim
    BlackJack is Marcus

    It's like X-Files: Deep-Throat's secret identity Revealed! It's watergate all over again.

  3. Oh yeah: and Happy Thursday to you too Agent M.

    Sorry I haven't been on much in the last 24 hours. I've been busy as shit here at the house.

    And now I'm off to Ihop to do our install there.

  4. Agent M: I bet you came home for your lunch break and couldn't WAIT to make a post... didn't you? Admit it! You're a blog junkie, a conversation voyeur, a lurker!


  5. Gandalf...I'll bet you were just itching to find a way of working the word "Deepthroat" into this Blog...

    Your next missionary...ugh I mean mission is to incorporate the use of the word "kiwi". LMAO!

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  7. I WANT MY FIVE BUCKS!! The song is by Charlie Daniels....Uneasy Rider

  8. Holy Rat Trap Jukebox Batman! Natalie got that one? LMAO. That's funny on SOOOO many levels.

    Fine. I owe you 5. I pay my debts.

  9. Bannag:

    Ciamar a Thu Thu Fhein, Sassenach?

    And here's my best attempt: (I'll tell you the other one on the phone someday.. lol)

    One day when we lost our kiwi had to call a locksmith.

    *sitting back proudly with hande on hips*

  10. I'll take a few drinks b4 we all go to the club next week instead of the five (we are going to the club next week just to let you ALL know) :-) And were you making reference to me being an uneasy rider? hehe

  11. LMAO...Nice one Gandalf, I'm impressed!


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