Thursday, February 17, 2005

forgot something

Tommy...please tell me what the deal is for the weekend...or, maybe you're not telling me cause you dont love me anymore? that must be it...i mean, i still havent gotten a return phone call from SUNDAY!!! well...obviously you know i didnt fuck my computer up too bad if i've been blogging all week. still, a freaking phone call would be nice...


  1. Lol.. sorry honey. As far as it's looking for me right now, there won't be much of a weekend.

    April is sick as hell. Fever, can't breathe, can't eat, throat hurts (she sounds like me in the wee hours of the morning... lol)

    I took her to Med-Direct tonight but she's supposed to stay away from people until tomorrow afternoon at least. They don't want her doing anything strenuous until Sunday though. So most likely, I'll be camping here this weekend.

    If, however, she feels up to it, we'll be in full swing. I'm just going to have to play it by ear.

    Since I'm likely to not be there, do you want me to "round the troops" like usual? LOL. I seem to be good at that.... ( maybe that's because I just like bossing people around.)

    Anyway, love ya.

    PS: You know you are the only one who rides me for not calling them back? lol. I forget to do it. I have two cell phones going non-stop. My last personal phone bill of note was 45 pages long.

    My business cell phone bill:... are you ready for this.... come on... really ready? 127 pages long.

    So, I'm averaging about 200 phone calls per day every day of the week. I don't always remember to call them all back because by the time I get past all the super-important client stuff... I'm usually too fried to remember anything else.

  2. ok, so in 200 phone calls a day, you cant remember to call one of your BEST FRIENDS??? i'm just giving you shit. everyone is just growing apart, really, we all are., no rodeo for you tomorrow night? you dont have to round up the troops...i mean, WE ARE ALL ON HERE...hehe...every last one of us reads this shit, so we all know there are no plans set in stone. we have all set this shit as our home page, lets all admit it...i mean, yes, i get up 5 minutes early each day just to check the blog...and, yes, i check it on my lunch every day. no, i dont come home just to check the blog, but hey, i'm already here. anyways, marion and i are on the phone and both blogging, so somethings gotta give.

  3. We are NOT drifting apart... we're all just broke... I'll be back in full party swing when I get through february.. just got to pay for all my cool new shit first... AND a new truck I'm buyingthis month... AND fixing april's Jeep, AND the hospital bill.. lol

    Besides, you know where the front Door to scooby central is... you want a key or somethin? Bring Yo Ass...

    (and yes I know we can go to your house too, but 1.) you're never up as late as we are and 2.) you never invite anyone.

    You KNOW you have a standing invitation to see me 24/7.

    That's a perk that comes with your Senior Scooby Corporate Position, 24/7 access to the Pres! (lol)

  4. YES...i have an official position...Senior Scooby Corporate...and, it comes with benefits...24/7 access to the pres. (positions, benefits,, how many ways can that be taken?) so, rodeo ot no rodeo, you still havent answered.


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