Thursday, February 17, 2005

The Evil of Trading Spaces

We have all seen the show in question time and time again. If you have a "signifigant other" than you have probably saw it more than you want to. Trading Spaces is a great evil speading cheap and easy do-it-yourself home improvment ideas. BUT THAT IS THE PROBLEM! It gives a false sence of talent and affordability. The devastating effects of what i have outlined above can be financially and morally far reaching. IN REPARING THE DAMAGE I MEAN! Sanctions on this television show should be set in your household. If you dont believe me just wait until someone you love starts starching brown-bags to your bathroom wall. Page Davis "the shows host" although cute is the devil as i have found through through research. That is another story... In conclusion just remember what i have said.... Know the warning signs and dont let this happen to you!

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  1. I'd like it known to the world that Mourningstar isn't ONLY an avid lobbyist in the extremest left-wing-anti-trading-spaces lobbyists of America organization... he's ALSO a victim.

    *teary eyed moment*

    Tell your story Mourningstar. Come on, let it out. Let us all share in your pain.




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