Sunday, February 13, 2005

end of the football season

pro bowl just ended...YAY AFC!! tom and teddy and adam were soo hott (go Patriots). speaking of tom brady...he went the whole season without throwing an interception. that is just damn sexy to me...damn peyton manning. only because he's afc and was playing along w/ my boys. but, not only was he NFL MVP but he got pro bowl MVP too...he sucks the cock. well...NASCAR is in and NFL is out. sorry, i just dont think i can get into a bunch of cars driving real fast in a circle. guess that's the only part of me thats not so, i'm off to bed only to start my week with valentines day. have i mentioned how much i hate vday? in case i havent mentioned it, i HATE it. hopefully tomorrow wont be but so bad and it wont be a measure of the rest of my week...night all

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  1. Greenville, NC huh? Im from Greenville, SC. And how can you be from the south and not enjoy NASCAR? That confuses me.


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