Thursday, February 17, 2005


How is it that two people can have the same dream at the same time? That's weird but the odd part is when the two people get together and start talking about their dreams they start filling in each others blanks like they were there. Its like you have two people in one. Another thing is details only you know the colors of your dreams and the small details that no one else would know unless they were there... There is someone in my dreams other than me... May be it was meant to be...


  1. As a hopeless romantic myself, I think people can most definately have the same dreams, and that when it happens it means they are going to be a special part of each others lives. I have never experienced it, but you sound quite happy! That is an awesome connection to share, and you are lucky to have found it. I think its completely awesome. :)

  2. ok, i'm jealous...i'm your best friend and we dont even share your dreams? i want to know the dreamsharer is so we can have i'm happy for you little bit, and, i love you.

  3. BLUAGCK! *barf* *sputum*. yeackkkuuh!

  4. I know how you feel and my address is 1200 allan Rd. suite D
    Greenville NC 27834


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