Monday, February 21, 2005

Diary of a Monday Madman

My so called warped opinion of people and things should be reserved for my own blog. Well just this one time ill let on habbit of mine slip through the crack. I like to sabotage credit card return forms and envelopes.. Ill provide them with false formation as well adding whatever is avaliable to weigh the envelope down. Ill use pennies, washers, skittles so on and so forth. Pure evil man!!! And there you have it your daily dose of lunacy.. Yours Truley: Mourningstar p.s. Die Wacko Jacko!


  1. not sure if "madman" is the correct word...

  2. Yeah... I've been meaning to join the bandwagon of the postally insane. I'm thinking about using those little magnets that come in all your cheap shower curatins... you know the ones I mean. Send them back the magnet in the envelope JUST to piss them off AND fuck with the postal reader. It'll take about 3 weeks to get there instead of the usual 3 days because none of the postal readers will work.... hehehe...

    So I'm evil.. sue me.

  3. And there you have it people...the reason that postage stamps go up 1 cent every 6 months!


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