Wednesday, February 16, 2005


Gandalf, I forgot to mention although it should be common sense...make sure she drinks plenty of plenty I mean the actual 8 - 8oz glasses per day...that will help flush her system plus it's also good for fatigue. That is in addition to the chammomile tea...not in replacement of.


  1. 8 Glasses? Wow... I might as well put a garden hose in her mouth.


    Poor thing: she's been on the couch all mornin since I got up. I just got back from Food Lion a few minutes ago. I got Chamomille Tea and buried it in honey, and she's drinkin' that now.

    Bannag, as always, thanks so much for your help. Any more ideas will be welcome.

    PS: See, I told you that eventually your herbalist side would make it onto the blog.

  2. Have you given her the vitamin C & Zinc yet? Make sure she has something in her stomach before hand...

  3. I dont know who bannag is, but he/she must be from california also b/c all this stuff is second nature to us californians....I have a bucket of Vit C/zinc/echinecea on hand at all times for sicknesses. You might have already done this, but most doc's will tell you to get some sports drinks to help with electrolyte replacement. I hope that April feels better...we're thinking about you girl!

  4. Bannag: Did you see that? California! LMAO.

    Try eastern NC. She's the cultured country one. lol.


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